Short term car rental

You can rent the desired car for several hours, whole day or several weeks. It all depends on your needs. The longer the rent, the lower the daily price. So, don’t rush too hard wishing to return the car back – just enjoy all the amenities of the car and a comfortable trip.
The main advantages of the short term car rental are that if you need the car for a short period of time– renting a car for smaller period is especially convenient and useful.

Car rental with a driver

We used to see personal drivers only in American movies and Mexican soap operas earlier. Today, however, you can become a movie hero yourself. Use the service of car rental with a driver and allow yourself to sit back and have fun with your friends. A kind and experienced driver can give you a ride during your personal holiday, or when rushing to a business meeting.
Main advantage of car rental with driver is that the resulting “all at once” for the available price for you and no matter what the event or whatever other event it

Long term car rental

Those, who don’t want to bother their heads about car breakdowns and constant maintenance, choose long term car rental. If your car breaks down, another one is delivered. Troubles of the car and unnecessary expenses are then on the car tenant’s shoulders. Could it get any better than driving the desired car without any additional risks?
Also, long term car rental pros knows most of the day in the low rental prices, the price includes a high quality car insurance, and others.

Insurance service

All rented cars have mandatory liability insurance, as well as CASCO insurance. If necessary, we provide additional – passenger and load – services.
In order to ensure the safety of every person who has the car to insure and protect it, but in this case, you won’t need to do anything extra išsinuomojus a car, You’re safe with the insured car.

Car market

We bet you have heard dozens of stories about devious car traders, as well as unrealistic car presentations. Reduce the risks by purchasing a car from our auto depot. All the cars are maintained with precision and dutifully driven. Contact us, and we will agree on a suitable time to inspect the vehicle in advance.
Our company guarantees the quality of the product and the corresponding price and of course everything is carried out legally.




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